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We are a small practice of family doctors offering GP services to the people in and around Bingley. We try to offer a personalised service, and aim to maintain the highest standards of health care.

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Our Services:

We offer a full range of GP services, as well as many other additional clinics and services not always available at other GP surgeries. This includes skin clincs, sexual health services, minor surgery, joint injections, citizens advice service, warfarin clinics, alcohol services and more.... 

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We are an affiliated practice of Leeds University and teach medical students, and train future GPs as part of the Airedale GP Training Scheme.

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You can obtain excellent hayfever treatment very cheaply "over the counter" at pharmacies or in supermarkets.

We all know the NHS is struggling to find the money it needs. The NHS spends millions every year on minor ailments. This takes money away from more important or potentially life-changing treatments.  Recently the NHS locally has stopped providing prescriptions for paracetamol, cough medicines, throat lozenges and gluten-free products. 

Parliament is currently deciding on the withdrawal of hay fever treatment. This may save millions of pounds across the UK.

Did you know a months supply of antihistamines costs less than a pound in many chemists and supermarkets? If you order it through your GP, it costs the NHS significantly more.

This year, we will therefore be requesting that all adults who use antihistamines for hayfever buy their own supply, rather than requesting an NHS prescription.



Great quality healthcare! 


Achieving an overall rating of good, we received an "outstanding" in the "caring" domain in our recent CQC inspection. Our patient surveys consistently rate us above local and national averages. And all five reviews on NHS choices rate us 5 out of 5 stars!!


 GP Medical Practice, Doctors in Bingley and Crossflatts

The Springfield Patient Participation Group, in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation, are currently running workshops to teach CPR.

Sessions are free, open to ANYONE 16+, and last 45 minutes. No experience or previous training is required.



Contact reception to book your place. We have availability in 2018 on:

Wednesday 17th October 12 noon 

Wednesday 12th December 5pm 

A maximum of 8 patients can attend each session.