Hospital Referrals

Bingley GPs

If you need to see a Consultant, you can now choose which hospital you are referred to. Click on the links to see your options:

Choice of Hospital or Further Info


WAITING TIMES - a list of current waiting times is on display at the surgery or CLICK HERE.

*NEW* You can now choose to go to the Yorkshire Clinic on the NHS! However, you will be seen under an NHS contract and therefore will not be seen as quickly as the private patients. Yorkshire Clinic waiting times are currently 6-10 weeks, which may be longer than NHS Hospital waiting times (eg BRI currently 3-6 weeks).

PLEASE NOTE for some specialities (such as skin, Ear Nose & Throat, orthopaedics, eyes) you will be referred to a "GP with Specialist Interest" (GPwSI) first. The GPwSIs can deal with many problems themselves, but if you need referring to hospital for advice or treatment they will offer you "choice" at that stage.


Transport to Hospital


If you require transport to hospital or your outpatient clinic, the system of arranging this has changed. It is now the hospital you have been referred to who arranges your transport (previously this was arranged by the surgery).

Therefore if you require transport, you should now contact the hospital directly. However, this is only available where there is a medical need, and cannot be arranged for other reasons.

If you know you are going to need transport, you should inform your doctor at the time of referral.