Carers' Resource


Whether you care for a parent, a partner, a relative or a child with additional needs, the Carers' Resource can give you information, advice and support..


The Carers' Resource may be able to help:

  • by providing individually tailored information
  • to find out what support is available, incl. financial, practical or emotional support
  • with hospital admission and discharge processes
  • with benefit entitlement
  • to plan for the future
  • to develop new hobbies
  • form links with other carers in a similar position.


For more information, ask for a referral from your GP, nurse, or at reception, and the Carers Resource will contact you. 

Alternatively, you can contact the Carers Resource directly yourself.

01756 700888



You can also volunteer and help others in need of support.

More details are available on their website.



If you make contact, the Carers' Resource will arrange to visit you, usually at your home, for an initial assessment.

Fact sheets

Even if you don't wish to be seen face-to-face, there are numerous information sheets on their website that may help, including

choosing a care home
home care
children as carers
managing finances