View your medical record

 Summary care record

The Summary Care Record or SCR is a copy of key information from your GP medical record.

It allows health professionals to view your information when you need care.

It includes information such as

  • medical problems
  • medication
  • allergies

The Summary Care Record allows health professionals immediate access to your information, with your permission, whenever and wherever you need care.

A log is kept of everyone who accesses your data.

Everyone who registers for online services can see their summary care record.

Benefits of the SCR include

  • improved safety of healthcare
  • improved quality of care
  • greater involvement of patients in their care
  • availability anywhere in England

If you wish to opt out of the SCR process, see here


Detailed Care Record

If you request access you can also view a more detailed version of your GP records, including recent consultations, hospital letters and test results. You will only see records from the date you request access, it will not be your full medical record, but most of it is there!

To view your detailed record online via SystmOnline, you must

  • be registered with SystmOnline
  • tick the box to request to view your detailed record
  • Read the info sheet
  • Bring the signed consent form into reception

The doctors will then authorise access to your records. This can take up to 1 week. Access is rarely declined, and where it is, this will be for medical reasons and will be fully discussed with you.

Full medical record


There are many complex issues involved with uploading medical records for the numerous GP practices, hospitals, clinics and other providers up and down the country. As yet, the NHS has not achieved a solution to safely upload and make available online the full medical records for viewing by patients or health professionals.

However, there are many situations where patients may need or want access to their full medical records, and there is a process in place for this.

You can either view your records at the practice, or for a small charge to cover costs, copies can be provided. Please ask at reception for further details.


Once you have registered for online services, and signed the consent form, you can access your records here

 Online Records