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HALE is a project designed to help individuals find out what activities are available locally, and help you to get there. It is designed to provide information and support to anyone who feels isolated, or is lacking in confidence, or just doesn't know about places that they might like to go.

Once referred, you will see a "Networker", who will give you information about social activities available in your area. They will take you to your chosen activities, until you feel confident to go by yourself, or until you do not wish for their support any longer.

There are many situations where people naturally become wary of going out and meeting people, and then may lose confidence. This may happen after falls, losing contact with friends, or losing a partner. People suffering from depression or postnatal depression may also feel this way. Older people frequently become more social isolated. All these groups and more can be helped by HALE.

There are huge numbers of activities and groups on offer in our area, and HALE can help you to find activities that suit your interests. This may include swimming, film clubs, pub lunch groups, day trip groups, weight loss clubs, allotment work, walking clubs etc.... The list goes on.

Your GP/Nurse will refer you to a Networker, who will contact you to arrange a home visit to discuss your needs. The Networker will find suitable places and activities that you may enjoy. They will then take you to these places and activities. You will normally meet with the Networker between 6 and 8 times.

The networker could help you make new friendships and give you confidence to try new activities and go to new places.

For more information, see you GP/nurse, call 01274 271088, or visit their website at