Patient survey

Patient views and opinions help us to improve services and respond to the needs of our patients.

Up until 2014 the practice was contracted to complete a patient survey every year, but it is no longer compulsory.

The Springfield Patient Participation Group (SPPG) wanted to continue the survey, and the practice handed over editorial control to the SPPG.



How does it work

The SPPG reviewed the survey and agreed on which questions to ask patients.

 Survey questions   

The survey was conducted in November 2017. Patients attending the practice were invited to fill out a questionnaire. We also emailed out the survey to patients who have given us their email address, to complete online.

413 people completed a questionnaire, 162 of which were done online. 

 November 2017 Results

2017 Action Plan

The SPPG reviewed the results and the more detailed comments made by respondents. Areas for improvement were highlighted and an action plan agreed.

A summary of the action plan can be seen below

 Action plan