Urgent problems

What do I do if I have an urgent problem?

There are some situations where time matters, and it is better to call 999 and seek immediate help through the paramedics.

Situations where you should call 999 first rather than us include

  • suspected heart attack eg. chest pain, even if you haven't previoulsy had heart problems;
  • sudden and severe shortness of breath
  • loss of consciousness
  • suspected stroke
  • sudden and severe allergic reaction eg. facial swelling or breathing difficulty

Other urgent problems

If you think your medical problem is urgent, but not life threatening, and that you need to be seen, please ring us. 

Even if we are full, we promise to ring you back the same day to assess and offer advice, an appointment or a visit, as appropriate.

If you are told all the appointments have gone, please make the call-handler/reception staff know that your problem is urgent.

If you're unsure, you can also get great advice from the NHS, either